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habö Metallverarbeitung

The spin-off of habö Metallverarbeitung from habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik is an exemplar for the mutual complementing of the group companies. Habö Metallverarbeitung was established in 1998 in Diedorf (Thuringia). Since 1999 it has been manufacturing stainless steel elements for the newly founded haboe Edelstahl-Systeme at an increasing rate.

In the meantime, habö Metallverarbeitung developed from a mere supplier for haboe Edelstahl-Systeme to an autonomous regional supplier for precision parts. Those parts are now manufactured on more than 10 multi-axes universal CNC rotation centers.


The machinery of habö Metallverarbeitung contains ultra-modern machines which are less than 5 years old on an average.

For a detailed overview please see the machinery list.

Pictures of the production area

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habö Metallverarbeitung
Kirchrainstr. 32
99988 Diedorf

Phone: +49 (0) 3 60 24 – 8 02 05
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